Thursday, 15 October 2009

the actvac logo leads the athletes in

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ACTVAC field athlete Wendy O'Brien carried the banner and led the whole athletics contingent into the Sydney Olympic Stadium at the World Masters Games last Sunday. Note the ACTVAC logo on her jacket.

More results from Sydney:
Jackie Fairweather 37.15 gold in the W40 10k road race by a very long way.
Anne Young 62.24 3rd W70
Joan Mallory 75.16 winner W75
Bob Chapman 50.37 3rd M75
M40 100m Ken Telfer 3rd
M50 100m Leo Kennedy 5th (first Australian)

8k cross country
59 Kathy Southgate 31.31 winner W50 (2nd female overall)
144 Sue Archer 36.04 winner W60
247 Bob Chapman 41.57 4th M70
284 Suzanne Counsel 45.05 3rd W65

Earl Fee of Canada won the M80 800m in 2:49.3. He would have lapped the last two runners. It is worth noting all the times.
M80 800m Finals
1 Fee, Earl M80 Canada 2:49.30
2 Matsuoka, Hiroshi M80 Japan 3:13.80
3 Lewis, Bob M81 Australia 3:28.08
4 Matzner, Karel M80 Czech Republic 3:45.66
5 Inoue, Takashi M80 Japan 3:56.12
6 Deed, Allan M83 Australia 4:15.31
7 Churchward, Roger M84 Australia 4:16.26
8 Scott (2), John M80 Australia 5:50.16
9 Rigby, John M82 Australia 6:09.36
Hmmm, Earl’s 2:49 compares favourably with times you and I can run. He won by a fair way, too. I have been following Earl Fee’s career and I have linked to the Earl Fee blog in the past; here it is again:

M80 Earl Fee

Yesterday was a rest day for the WMG athletes, but not for me as I ran my 100th BBQ Stakes 6k handicap. Helen, following on from her good form in training on Monday night, won the BBQ Stakes in windy and unpleasant conditions. It was great seeing her win on the same day I finally earned a 100 run t-shirt. All times were pretty slow, and I should say that Helen was pretty lucky as she won only because she passed on the line another person who had stopped briefly to help one of Helen’s friends who had taken a fall. Could it have been a plan?
BBQ Stakes convener Adrian Plunkett was pleased to announce that I have had two wins in 100 runs, an average of 50 runs per win. As we get about 50 runners each week, this makes me statistically average. Which is what the organisers try to achieve with their handicapping, I would say.

BBQ Times 14/10/09
me 26.42
Roger 26.52
Gary 27.29
Helen 27.46


  1. Congratulations on your 100th and on being statistically average. Is there a photo of the shirt changing ceremony?

  2. The good news is that I changed my shirt and got a comment that "the Vets do that but we don't!" The bad news is there was no camera. I deliberately didn't take one.

  3. No, that's good news.

  4. Earl looks amazing for an 80 year old!!

  5. Congratulations on your 100th run and well-earned t-shirt - pity about no photo though! I read the inspirational interview with Earl - what an amazing man and he looks so fit and young. I think he's right, he'll live to be 100 - maybe then he'll set an M100 record - that would be cool!