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transformation strategy #2: insight

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understanding what you specific things you need to be doing,
despite the multitude of voices given advice,
despite the multitude of ideas you might have,
despite the multitude of opinions coming your way
Having ears to hear what is needed
Having eyes to see

Gary running the Half Marathon

You can see Gary very clearly in his nice bright keep-up-with-me running gear.

Last Monday's training saw teams of three at Parliament House run a 25 minute continuous shuttle relay, 200m each run. Taking part were Alan, Bronwyn, Christopher, Craig, Ewen, Garry, Gary, me, Helen, Jennifer, Jodie, Katherine, Neil, Rachelle & Ruth. The next two Mondays and next two Thursdays I will not be at training, and Craig has kindly agreed to step in and organise the sessions.

Bronwyn and Jodie are off to Disneyland! To run, of course. In the Disneyland Half Marathon. Best of luck!

Our training group dinner will be booked at La Capanna Restaurant, Kingston, 7pm. Monday 21 September. Please inform me by email or comment if you are coming, or tell me on the Thursday before the dinner (Thursday 17th). I will be booking a banquet, cost expected to be $31.50 per person which includes: foccacio bread, plates of mixed bruschetta, selection of pizza and pasta, salad, coffee, and includes corkage.

BBQ Stakes results
Last week (26/8)
Ken 26:58
Roger 27:22
Gary 27:36
Helen 29:09

This week (2/9)
Katie 24:58
me 26:04
Ken 26:28
Gary 27:06 pb
Helen 27:44
Roger 28:09
Brett 28:29

Track season is approaching fast; Vets track starts very early this year, Thursday 1 October. All our winter training will have thoroughly prepared us for resuming on the track.

Curiously attractive

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  1. please count me in for dinner!

    thanks for the good wishes - i hope to keep my blog & facebook up-to-date as we go (well, perhaps not while we are actually running!)...