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This is for the reader who is a member of the anachronistically named Australian Capital Territory Veterans Athletic Club - yes, we in Canberra are a bit slow where when it comes to keeping up with the times, but we are after all a very conservative town in a very conservative country, a long way from the civilized world - and also for the reader who is 30 years old or more and lives within range of the ACT and should be a member, as we are a fantastic club, probably the best Masters athletics club in the world when you consider the events and services we provide. The ACTVAC website has a "NEWS" page which I update regularly. When I say "regularly", I mean at least once a week, often more. Since I update it, it's good to know people regularly check it to get current information about what is happening. It is a good supplement to the once-a-month Vetrunner magazine. 
The page is at

Right now there's breaking news on our 30th anniversary celebration dinner/dance, as follows:

You would have read in the Vetrunner that to celebrate the Club's 30th Anniversary, a Dinner/Dance has been arranged for members and their family and friends.
The Canberra Club, 45 West Row Canberra City
Date: Saturday 7 November 2009
Time: 7 for 7.30 pm
Meal: 3 courses, some wine & soft drink, tea & coffee
Music: Canberra DJ – Angel
MC: Robert Kennelly
Cost: $35.00
Bookings and payment can be made personally to Val Chesterton (62928994 - or Jenny Galvin (62925294 - at the monthly handicap or by mail to Val at 16 Ifould Place, Theodore ACT 2905. Cheques should be made payable to ACT Veterans Athletic Club Inc.

If you have any enquiries please call or email Val or Jenny.


  1. I guess that means ACTVAC can officially call itself a 'master' now that its 30.

  2. I thought ACTVAC was some fancy sort of Hoover.

    I'm even further from the civilised world down here. I might as well be living in far north Queensland.

  3. I guess Janene that your comment is yet another witty insight of yours that I will be stealing, I mean, reproducing, soon.