Sunday, 23 August 2009

ACTVAC Half Marathon

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Times for the ACT old people's half marathon; speedygeese highlighted and a few past speedygeese mentioned as well; full results now at

David W 1:30.52 gold M55
Roger 1:42.37
me 1:43.33
Gary 1:43.43
Helen 1:44.20 silver W50
Ewen 1:45.18
Brett 1:47.29
Craig 1:50.17
Suzie 1:51.50
Rae 1:52.26 gold W60
Janene 1:53.29
Geoff S 1:54.14
Cathy 1:57.14 gold W55
Alan 1:57.37
Caroline 2:03.27 gold W65
Susan 2:06.41

The course wasn't easy and the road was long. Owing to roadworks the course had two more hills than usual. I switched from the fast group to the slow group before the start, planning to run with the pack who had sworn they were going to run 5 minute kms. In the end the closest to 5 minute kms average was Ewen, however I did hold on to 5s average from about 4k onward! Just.

Great runs by everybody but I would like to highlight Susan's debut over anything like this long a race; Suzie's startling time; Cathy Montalto's gold medal!!!; and particularly Caroline Campbell's amazing gold medal and fast time especially considering she has only just returned from Finland where she competed in the 5000m, 10000m, 8k cross country and MARATHON!

I am so destroyed after attempting the first three weeks of a marathon program I might just have to put it on hold and start again one day. Or possibly not restart!

Ewen and I running much, much slower than 5 minute kms in a recent 10k. Today was much better!

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  1. Wow congratulations to all speedygeese who ran the Half - fantastic results there!