Friday, 24 July 2009

Geese 12 Bilbys 11

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, July 24, 2009 with 2 comments
We outnumbered the Bilbys at Dickson track last night; I cannot recall that ever happening before. There were 12 geese including me; 11 Bilbys including lead Bilby Gary. Present at training were Bronwyn, Craig, Garry, me, Janene, Joel, Miranda, Nadine, Roger, Ruth, Susan & Yelena. We ran 8 x 400m on 4 minutes, handicapped. A 200m jog between each. Actually it was in lane 4 as usual so it was longer than 400/200. The grass was slippery, not conducive to fast running on the bends.

The Bush Capital marathon events tomorrow have attracted good fields. Late entries might attract a few more.
10km run
Heidi Johnston
16km run
Bronwyn Calver
Craig Davis
Brett Morrison
Yelena Pearson
Susan Sturgeon
Ewen Thompson
16km Bush Walk
Peter Hogan
25km run
Suzie Gye
Mick Horan
Janene Kingston
Patrick Magee
Geoff Moore
Troy Steinman
42.2km Marathon
Kelley Flood (early start)
Roger Pilkington
I am not sure why Kelley is in the early start, she will be faster than Roger!

I invite all speedygeese to “Carlo’s at Watson” for brunch after the run. I aim to get there around 11:30am or so; certainly by 12. Rock in when you can. I don’t expect the marathoners to have finished by then, though.

Christopher looking fighting fit
Gloves on, ready for a fight! There's Yili in the background, too.


  1. Nadine is missing from your list...

  2. Fixed, and I have added Craig to the 16k starters list