Tuesday, 30 June 2009


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...and the last day of June.

I was busy today. I went to the gym, then went to the ceremony of the naming of Dave McInnes Road, then wandered around Civic. I rarely visit Civic. The only other time I did so this year I bumped into Geoff Sims. This time I bumped into no fewer than three speedy geese: Miranda, Cathy, and Rod. It must be a small world after all, as the "song" goes..

Last night we ran a session up the SE corner of the main hills at Parliament house. 20 intervals of 90m except for one which was 140m. Rachelle decided she didn't want to do the sprints so ran up and down the same course at her own pace, and ended up with 27 intervals instead of 20! Which gives me an idea for next time... for which the others can thank Rachelle.

Present were Alan, Bronwyn, Cathy, Christopher, me, Graeme, Jennifer, Kathy, Katie, Ken, Rachelle, Tony, Troy & Yili.

Happy new financial year, everybody.

Postcard from Gary
who with Patricia has been in South Korea and now Japan.

If they turned out alright, the Dave McInnes event photos I took today will go up on a separate blog.

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  1. That Rachelle is such an innovator.

    Sayonara Gary!