Tuesday, 9 June 2009

If sleet, then sleep

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, June 09, 2009 with 3 comments
My web browser
Not long ago I switched from IE to Opera because I wanted Opera's backup options for my blog. Once I started using Opera I really liked its look and feel, particularly speed dial. However there were a few things I needed to do which Opera failed to do, and I had to revert to IE on occasion. BUT now I have changed to Chrome, which has the same look and feel as Opera AND does not have its shortcomings. Chrome also has other features I really like too.
This table documents my perceptions. Note- these are partly subjective. You may have different needs and preferences. Of course.
web browser:Internet ExplorerOperaGoogle Chrome
copying linksOKnot OKOK
copying picturesOKnot OKOK
copying tablesOKnot OKOK
full webpage backupnot OKOKOK
editing webpageOKwork-aroundwork-around
speed dialnot OKOKOK
ease of use etcnot OKOKOK
copying blank lines in spreadsheetsOKnot OKOK
Norton downloadOKnot OKOK
Facebook hiccupsOKnot OKOK

The Facebook problems were the last straw; I use Facebook every day.

Song of the week. U2: "Magnificent." Just so.

Monday training
Andrew, Brett M, Bronwyn, Christopher, me, Joel, Nadine, Neil, Sheona, Tim, Tony & Yelena braved the cold and ran at Parliament house last night. The highlight was probably the massive full moon rising, on the horizon. We improvised a few run-throughs on the grass oval, some 200m laps of the oval practicing tempo, and some laps of a longer hilly circuit ditto. It is only going to get colder; this was our first real taste of winter. At least the rain held off while we were out there.

Change of program
This Saturday's cross country event is not at Stromlo Forest Park, it has been moved to the (old) Deeks Forest Park location on Uriarra Road. Which means I will not be attending after all, as I had planned to have a shower at Stromlo immediately after the run and go straight to a meeting.

I will run BBQ Stakes tomorrow as planned. Even though it might just snow.

Speaking of Facebook as I was, I became a fan of "sleeping while its raining outside", despite its missing apostrophe. It is so, so tempting to curl up with a good book in bed with the fire on.... and hibernate through this cold spell. Just wake me in August.


  1. It was almost snowing down here this afternoon (we are closer to the snow). At least when it snows while you're running there's some excitement about it.

  2. Both a cold rain and the barometer are falling, now, 9:54pm Tuesday. Looks good for snow in the morning!

  3. Maybe you should travel to the sunshine and escape Canberra's cold winter - then you could run by the beach, like me!