Saturday, 23 May 2009

Who Am I?

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, May 23, 2009 with 8 comments
Who indeed? Coming soon.

ACT Aardvark Athletics.
This is the name I will be promoting next. There is a bit of an identity crisis in our club (ACTVAC), we don't know who we are. So as not to discriminate, I have come up with a name designed to offend everyone equally. Of course, to ensure that we do offend everyone, we need to know what the acronym "aardvark" is to stand for. The best suggestion will get RECOGNITION and STATUS here in this blog. Comment or email me now. Here are two examples:
"An Arrant Rogue, Decadent & Valueless! A Rampaging Kleptomaniac", or more on subject,
"Aging Athletes Risking Damaged Veins And Rickety Knees"
You get the idea and I am sure you can improve on mine. All suggestions to me in the next couple of days.

Hint: "D" could stand for "Diggers", and/or "V" could stand for "Veterans", if you want to retain our current name. ACT Athletic R.... Diggers & Veterans who A... R... K..." (Always Race Keenly? I have toyed with a few options here...)

Mouse's Eyes
shall I now put lion's ears upon my ears
hear every sound as a roar
shall I now put mouse's eyes upon my eyes
gauge the moon for size against my paw
- from Queen of Love, by The Incredible String Band.


  1. Doctor, I suggest:
    ACT Alien Athletes Resurrected & Dastardly Veteran Army Runners K'Oed Athletics

  2. I sense the sands of time running out for some, while the Doctor is immortal.

  3. "Alien artefacts rattle doctor, veterans apply reef knot"

  4. Awesome Athletes Run Down Veterans And Remain Kings!!

  5. There's a funny echo in my head saying "King is Sexist". I wish it would go away.

    Interesting isn't it. That would make "Lion" "Sexist" as well.

    Stupid, really.

    I wonder if "Goose" is sexist. No, of course not. But according to these arbitrary rules, "Gander" might be.

    In the future I will try not to "have a gander" at anything.

  6. p.s. a Griffin is a combination of an eagle and a lion. Its ears are lion's ears. I hope that clarifies matters.

  7. As someone at the AGM said that she objects to being a Master cos it's sexist then does she want to be a Mistress I wonder - halfway between a Master and a Mattress?? Nobody will read this comment cos it's in the past!!!

  8. In fact, the same person made the same hilarious joke at the 2008 AGM "If the club becomes Masters, what does that make the women, mistresses???!!!" But I think your matresses observation is much funnier.