Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Sleep or Weep

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Song of the week: The Incredible String Band's "Queen of Love"
A strong power calls from the left hand
Across the waters deep
a strong power calls from the left hand
let all things sleep or weep...

The doctor brews potions and pills
to open his own front door
and the locksmith makes strong bolts
to bar his gates to every new breeze that blows

shall I now put lion's ears upon my ears
hear every sound as a roar
shall I now put mouse's eyes upon my eyes
gauge the moon for size against my paw...

Monday training was a popular return to 20 x 100m on 90 seconds, steep uphill, with Alan, Andrew, Bronwyn, Ewen, Helen, Jennifer, Kathy, Lee, Margaret, Maria, Mick C, Ruth, Tony, Yelena, Yili and even me participating. Steep for aged athletes and Rob Roy refugees, anyway.

Plans for this week include
Wednesday 12:15pm Barbecue Stakes
Thursday 5:30pm Dickson oval training. I will be setting off from Dickson at 4:30pm this week for a longer run if anyone wants to join me.
Saturday 1:00pm North Lyneham 6.2k
Sunday 9:00am Masters Handicap, West Stromlo
Also, Sunday High Noon Meet - 1500m

speedygeese at Lotus Bay 5k Saturday 23 May
39. Yili Zhu M45 24:46
41. Heidi Johnston W35 25:21
44. Geoff Sims M60 25:43
47. Thea Zimpel 26:11
58 finishers

Mt Rob Roy Sunday 24 May - Bronwyn 7th female, 65.29 to the summit, 2:01.01 total time.

Surgeres France World 48 hour championships:
Martin Fryer the winner, 433.686km in 48 Hours
Starting 12 midnight on Friday night (Australian time) and finishing midnight on Sunday night, Martin Fryer managed to record an astounding 433.686km (averaging 9.04km/h), smashing his previous best time. Martin won by just over 30km from Japanese athlete Ryoichi Sekiya (402.321km) and third went to Mami Kudo (385.130km). Fryer’s goal going into this race was to get over the magic 400km mark, and he did, smashing it. Further details can be found on the race website - http://www.48heures-surgeres.net/archive/2009/05/22/pointage_ live_2009. I found the forum on Coolrunning a great way of reviewing the hour-by-hour progress of the race. Highly recommended you have a look at the thread at http://www.coolrunning.com.au/forums/index.php?showtopic=23937&st=0

My challenge to you to come up with an aardvark acronym drew two responses - the usual two. Come on now, I get 60+ hits a day. Stop lurking!
The winner is "Awesome Athletes Run Down Veterans And Remain Kings!!" Thanks Ruth.

Transformation. We will rename where we are by what we do.

At Lotus Bay


 Half way

"If youngsters are taught that losing is a disgrace, and if they're not sure they can win, they will be reluctant to even try. And not trying is the real disgrace" - Ron Clarke


  1. Martin's article should say best distance not time!


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