Monday, 6 April 2009

Speedygeese in the Women’s and Girls’ 5k Fun Run
21 Thea Zimpel 21:20
35 Helen Larmour 22:27
56 Maria O'Reilly 23:54
84 Catherine Montalto 24:50
130 Miranda Rawlinson 26:39
150 Ruth Baussmann 27:09
166 Yelena Pearson 27:40
1160 finishers

I am leaving at last! Heading off to Adelaide this morning. Just 4 more days to the do-and-die 10k.

I won’t be here for Monday training today and am suggesting runners do the same as we did Monday last week. After a shorter warm-up end up at the grassy oval for three 930m intervals. A shorter warm-up means the intervals can start earlier before it gets too dark, and you could do a longer cool-down usual afterwards. Runners should be encouraged to do sit-ups/chin-ups/dips/push-ups/crunches/ or stretches of their choice on each of the two recovery laps.

I don’t anticipate anyone would want to run on Easter Monday 13th. I will be back on the 20th.

lining up at Stromlo

CCC Winter Series Race 1
Regatta Point 4 km on Saturday
33. Thea Zimpel 16:52
58. Geoff Moore M60 22:06
58 finishers
Beat that!

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  1. Linoleum Blownapart! That was a good one. Thanks Strewth!