Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Benzonate Ostylezene Bicarbonate

Posted by speedygeoff on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 with 2 comments
Today's launch of the 40th Canberra Half Marathon featured a presentation to four of the originals who ran the very first one in 1970. Here are the other three

Graeme Small, Alan Wilson, Dave McInnes

And here is the results page from that run

See tonight's WIN television news (Canberra) for a coverage of the event.

2009 Marathon Eve 10km Fun Run  
79 Charlie McCormack F NSW 44 45:02
90 Helen Larmour F ACT 49 46:06
93 Yili Zhu M ACT 46 46:31
102 Ewen Thompson M ACT 51 46:56
106 Bronwyn Calver F ACT 39 47:05
177 Mick Charlton M ACT 57 52:44
182 Caroline Campbell F ACT 66 52:56
Some of our friends
33 Lance Purdon M ACT 36 40:10
41 Kathy Southgate F ACT 52 40:50
135 Brett Morrison M ACT 40 49:24
194 Roy Jones M ACT 66 53:47
358 finishers
2009 Marathon Eve 5km Fun Run  
5 Bruce Graham M ACT 47 16:12
266 finishers

Movies I have seen:
Yesterday I went to see "Monsters v Aliens". Not a bad movie, featuring among others BOB (Benzonate Ostylezene Bicarbonate – who would remember that on first viewing? Not even my grandchildren, and seven of them saw it with me!) and a memorable cockroach voiced by Hugh Laurie. Some of the jokes were very funny, and visually it was brilliant, but most of the script was very familiar. Reese Witherspoon works hard but oh dear, her character, so very American. As was the whole thing. It wasn't the 3D version we saw, but I won't go back and see it again. Still, much much better than most animations. If you absolutely loved Shrek you might like this. And it was indeed technically superb.


  1. It's funny seeing age '29' next to Graeme Small.

    What happened to you Geoff? Did you run two laps for a training marathon or something?

  2. In 1970 21k was a bit far; 5k in training was about the furthest I ever ran back then; I was an 800m specialist.