Thursday, 2 April 2009

April in Paris

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"A thief broke into the local police station and stole all the toilets and urinals, leaving no clues. A spokesperson was quoted as saying, 'We have absolutely nothing to go on'."
Thanks Strewth, that will be all.

Alan Duus
Come on admit it - you noticed Alan Duus first.

This blog has been decorated with some good photos, don't you think? I have also completed other improvements - a new icon as you would have noticed, and changes to various links and labels. Thanks to Ewen for hosting a couple of files I needed for these changes.

One of the new links I have just added to the side-bar via Google Reader is to a blog named "Younger Legs for Older Runners" at - this is a brilliant blog, great content, great presentation, and should be on everyone's "following" list. In any case it is now linked from here, and I may extract quotes and links from it from time to time. The author often updates twice daily, so there is always something new to read. A must for masters athletes! Thanks to Ewen again for discovering this blog.

Today’s quote from the “Younger Legs” blog:
"If you do everything you can to combat the cold -- rest, fluids, vitamins, medicines, chicken soup -- the cold will go away in about a week. If you do nothing to treat the symptoms, the cold will last about seven days." - unknown, as related by Dr. George Sheehan to Joe Henderson

April in Adelaide
Forty-six ACT Athletes are competing in the AMA Nationals at Easter. I have derived the following list of names from the official program. The event count includes "multi events" which i have counted only once, and does not include any relays some will be running. Close to the time I will post more detail - times and event details for every ACT entrant.
Speedygeese of course have a yellow highlight.

35007 Ellis-Brownlee, Rachelle W36 4 events
35019 Osborn, Brad M35 12 events
40019 Forestier, Katie W43 4 events
40055 Walker, Amanda W41 4 events
45019 Graham, Bruce M47 3 events
45021 Hanley, Peter M45 3 events
45022 Hardy, Jayne W46 6 events
45041 Masters, Carol W47 4 events
45047 Muell, Matthew M46 8 events
50008 Crumpton, Geoff M54 6 events
50029 Kennedy, Leo M51 3 events
50039 Morton, John M50 5 events
50042 Palmer, Denise W51 6 events
50043 Parker, John M51 7 events
50044 Pilkington, Roger M50 4 events
55014 Burden, Noeline W55 9 events
55040 Lamb, John M59 2 events
55054 Rossiter, Maureen W58 6 events
55058 Sims, Kathy W57 4 events
55066 White, Ken M55 4 events
60002 Banens, Robert M60 6 events
60008 Chamberlain, Kevin M62 2 events
60022 Green, Ray M64 6 events
60031 Maher, Garry M62 7 events
60036 Moore, Geoff M60 4 events
60051 Sims, Geoff M60 3 events
60053 Taylor, Margaret W61 8 events
65002 Banens, Janice W67 6 events
65013 Glover, Clive M68 3 events
65038 Rudov, Raylea W65 5 events
65050 Thomas, Bryan M67 5 events
70012 Collins, Cory W72 5 events
70037 Schmidt, Joyce W73 5 events
70042 Wahren, Mary W74 5 events
70044 Young, Anne W73 4 events
80004 Gleeson, Gwen W80 3 events


  1. Oh dear, those jokes really are pretty bad - sorry - but I still laughed! Good luck to all those speedygeese at the Nationals - we're certainly well represented. How exciting!

  2. They are better than my jokes!

  3. I have been following the Younger Legs Blog for a couple of months now and it is certainly a must for any Master's runner.

  4. There are two outstanding blog issues with the new design
    1) favicon - I need to try and make it work for IE, it works OK with other web browsers but not with IE7 or IE8.
    2) javascript – I need to get the date working for when there are second posts on any one day.
    I think I am on the track of solutions to both these problems but fully resolving them will have to wait until I get back from leave. Solutions involve work-arounds for what are basically bugs in Internet Exporer and in Blogger respectively. The trouble with work-arounds is, I may fix a problem today but the problem may reappear later when something else changes.