Thursday, 12 March 2009

Everything is glocal

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"The fundamental interconnectedness of all things" (Douglas Adams).
According to Bob Roberts Jr, writing in "Glocalization", nothing local is purely local and nothing global is purely global. Glocal means everything is becoming decentralised. Glocalisation puts everyone centre stage. Decentralisation means every person in every domain of society connects with domains and people glocally. It’s about globalisation. People have become global beings. It’s way over there and here at the same time. That is why it’s glocal.

In a goldfish bowl with our heads in the sand
Masters Athletics is glocal. We are in a goldfish bowl. We could swim around and around in circles looking only at each other and pretend it is only local and not realise that the whole world can look in and see us. Or we could look up and out at the larger reality. Masters sport has been decentralised across the globe and we need to be part of it. To think only locally is a huge mistake. To cater only for our existing club members' needs and not see the bigger picture is death. We need to open our eyes and come alive and enter the brave new world of Masters Sport.

So bring it on. The important thing is that we (the ACTVAC) become known as "Masters". We are nearly there, just three more steps: change our website, our uniform, and our banner! Then unless I have forgotten something, everything in the public arena will be fixed.

We are on view
Rod Lynch

Source of photo effects

what I am reading
This week, several books
Glocalization, by Bob Roberts Jr
All the Myriad Ways, by Larry Niven
Convergent Series, by Larry Niven
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, by Douglas Adams


  1. The 'th' T-shirts need to be changed too. I want a Masters one for my 100th handicap, which at my current rate of participation will be sometime in 2014.

  2. Things which will change: I am adding to this as you or I think of them.
    1. website - still says "Veterans Athletic Club" despite everything.
    2. uniforms. New designs are in progress
    3. 50, 100, 150 etc T-shirts
    4. banner. The old one keeps turning up, despite everything.
    5. membership cards: not a problem as my sub-committee produces these.
    6. the club logo
    7. the club constitution: eventually.