Sunday, 15 February 2009


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Following on from yesterday's post, something I will remember forever is Amanda's finishing sprint in the 800m on Saturday morning. Running at what had been her top pace, and following a surge down the home straight to gain contact with the leaders when she had one lap to go, Amanda stayed in contact for the second lap, looking as is if she would be the winner. But knowing the other two runners well, I thought they would surge away, and surge they did. But Amanda powered straight past them and improved her official pb by 12 seconds? If you count her estimated time in the recent handicap and relay, maybe 4 seconds? Still an enormous improvement. Congratulations. 2:40 is just around the corner, with plenty of the season left. Let's hope there are some more 800m runs on the calendar. And then, on to the nationals in Adelaide at Easter.

Amanda’s remarkable recent improvement over 800m
29/11/2001 800m W30 3:04.1
03/01/2002 800m W30 3:02.6
17/01/2002 800m W30 3:00.6
17/03/2002 800m W30 2:55.0
17/10/2002 800m W30 3:09.9
14/11/2002 800m W30 2:56.8
28/11/2002 800m W30 2:52.6
02/01/2003 800m W35 2:55.3
16/01/2003 800m W35 2:53.7
20/11/2003 800m W35 3:07.2
11/12/2003 800m W35 3:13.1
11/01/2007 800m W35 2:53.51
04/03/2007 800m W35 2:53.92
23/10/2008 800m W40 2:59.64
13/11/2008 800m W40 2:57.10
15/01/2009 800m Handicap W40 ~2:46
05/02/2009 4x800m Relay W40 ~2:44
14/02/2009 800m W40 2:40.49


  1. 1:40? Is that for 600 metres?

    Great improvement - especially this season. What price something in the low 2:30s next season?

  2. Note to self. "Got to get my body fat percentage down close to Amandas'." And get a heart ;)

  3. It's a good thing Ewen is a good proof reader. I hope it makes sense now. And Scott, there must be a secret to those abs, musn't there. I will see if I can find out. If AW won't tell, I will bribe Sons.