Friday, 27 February 2009

Australian Masters Games Geelong

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, February 27, 2009 with 11 comments
Mission Accomplished
My first big competition as a 60 year old. All goals achieved; two silver medals. The M60s including me were somewhat slower than the M55s were. All except for one M60, who enjoyed jogging along with the leaders at an easy pace for all his races before taking off mid race. If challenged there would have been fireworks. Not challenged, he had a less than strenuous meet. That's Kevin Solomon.

Tough cross country
Saturday morning, and I wore my glasses because of tree roots, soft patches under the pines, a need to stay on course, and a strong wind which was blowing bits of pine debris around that I didn't want to get in the eyes. It would have been a wonderful course to train on; not at all flat, nicely shaded, very soft underfoot. Once I was a safe second after 5k, it was hard to sustain a very fast pace. Three runners I know of had twisted their ankles in earlier races on the course; care needed to be taken.

Down, Pat
The 5000m on the track was four days later; Wednesday. I remember saying before I left that I had 4 minutes kms down pat. So there was no problem running 20 minutes flat; the time was officially 20.01, 11:58 at 3k the only split I remember. I will have to get 3:45 kms down pat, now. There is work to be done.

My hosts - more than a house, a home.
The lovely Sonia, Maya (6), Ashwin, and Anand (3).

The track - and the field
Consie at the long jump. She won four gold medals in her events.

Mick - going the extra mile
Mick did brilliantly but was in a very strong age group, M45s. Mick was my chauffer, way beyond the call of duty. Thanks Mick.


  1. Congratulations on a great few days of running and some good results and great tim ein the 5k. Not sure if I could do that but then again at the moment I am not training for the short and hectic stuff. But they certainly get the pain over quickly. Oh but such pain !!!!

  2. Well done Speedychief! 20 minutes for 5k is nothing to be sneezed at. Well, I'm not game to sneeze because it puts my back out. I'd shave my beard off if I ran a time like that!

    Congrats to Mick and Consie too! The infield looks a bit bare compared to the AIS, but who needs an infield?

  3. The whole of Victoria was desperately dry, Geelong was no exception. As you know Victoria was fire ravaged as well, we saw kilometers of fire destroyed countryside along the main highway even, including several destroyed houses. I am not sneezing but I do have a sore throat, legacy of rubbing shoulders with a coughing three year old for a week. I am holding you to the beard shaving promise Ewen, you have put your foot in it now, there is no escape, there will be photographs.

    Thank you Eagle your own time sin the marathon are praiseworthy and what is running without pain the legs scream at me all the tim.

  4. wannabecoach said:

    Perhaps if Ewen shaved his beard off he could run sub 20.

  5. Congratulations Speedygeoff!

    thanks for the report.

  6. There could be something in that wannabe - the last time Speedygeoff broke 20 was sans beard.

  7. And Katie, too, when she broke 20.

  8. No, it was just a good waxing for Katie.

  9. congratulations master spody. you are a true sensai.

    where does this "nothing to sneeze at" come from? who could sneeze on command and, therefore, sneeze to convey apathy, disbelief, ridicule?

    i'll celebrate by going for my first run. five minutes! woooooh, sneeze at that, ewen.

  10. It comes from our dusty flora and fauna.

    Master Spody, the gentleman who knew me and Bruce may have been "The Scotsman", Brian Hodgson.

  11. That's better, my memory said he was M65.