Friday, 9 January 2009

Big Fat Goose Egg

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Thursday night
Irregardless of the strong cold wind, several training group member’s ran pbs last night at track. Amanda literally flogged half the field, when in a quite unique performance she proceeded to decimate the opposition with an awesome 13 to 15 second improvement in the 1500m. Other’s to do well included Thea, who put in a 140% effort, running 3kms one or two second’s faster than she’s ever done before, following that up with a 400m pb by 2 or 3 seconds. Was Thea happy? Absolutely. And not to be outdone, Ruth, a rookie 1500m runner, did well to complete her maiden 1500 after almost getting cold feet from all the alleged celebrities she imagined she saw. We all suffer from an irrational celebrity fear! One of the celebrities looking good was former goose Sue Bourke, who in a marathon effort ran two 100m races, a 200m and a 400m, all very fast. This year, the ninth and final year of the decade, promises to be, like, awesome!

Ten out of ten for all these excellent performances. Twelve out of ten! But a big fat goose egg for my trot around the track in the 1500m, I felt like a blob of jelly.


My racing plans
It is good to commit to paper and to public view all the races you have pencilled in to attack. So here’s my list. But as you will see, I am not always sure what to run…
Thu 15 Jan either the 3k, 5k, or 10k. A week out, the forecast is 35 degrees, which may or may not influence the decision
Thu 22 Jan probably another go at the 1500. Cannot do worse than yesterday. There is also a one hour run, I would like to do that as well or instead if I feel like it, as it will be the only one this year.
Sun 25 Jan Campbell Park, the short handicap. No big deal.
Tue 27 Jan race the 3k.
Thu 29 Jan race 5k fast!
Tue 3 Feb race 5k at Stromlo, flat out.
Thu 5 Feb race 3k fast!
Tue 10 Feb probably jog the Boathouse 5k. I am avoiding running hard on the road.
Thu 12 Feb 1500 fast! Last try-out for a possible 1500 in Geelong
Sat 14 Feb 3000 fast
Tue 17 Feb run at North Curtin. Just a tempo run.
Sat 21 Feb try to win gold in the AMG M60 8k cross country at Geelong
Mon 23 Feb AMG M60 1500m. Run it depending on (a) the field, (b) my form, (c) recovery from the cross country. But 1500m is not really my thing, I cannot run such a fast pace with such short legs!
Wed 25 Feb AMG M60 5000m. Put all my goose eggs in one basket and hit it!

The 90 seconds per lap I have down pat for 1500m needs to be extended to 3k (on 14 Feb) and 5k (on 25 Feb). Then I will be content. Until April.... see, I am not putting all my chickens in one hatch. But now that I have revealed my plans, if I fail to attempt these goals I will have egg all over my face, from head to toe.

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  1. Amanda was literally flying on Thursday. She beat me by a mile in that 1500m race.