Sunday, 28 December 2008

speedygeese form guide

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, December 28, 2008 with 4 comments
Alan Duus: regular runner at Parliament House, who doubles as the handicapper for the ACTMA monthly handicap races. Try not to upset this man!
Alistair Green: when not travelling to compete in strange multi-event races, runs with us at a good solid pace. Ran a very very fast 5k race recently, but is yet to provide proof via GPS that it wasn't short.
Amanda Walker: wins training run intervals, and races frequently on the track. One who is rapidly finding form.
Bronwyn Calver: doesn't know the meaning of a rest hour, let alone a rest day. Plays every sport invented and some not yet invented. Was my pencilled-in favourite for the Wild Goose Chase but didn't win. This is because she didn't cheat. (And you can't get good help these days, see "Jodie")
Caroline Campbell: wins every triathlon in her age group. I must watch how she achieves this; I suspect she uses a rope to get a tow in the swim leg.
Cathy Montalto: happiest runner in the training group. Can run all day, although known to have stopped for lunch occasionally.
Charlie McCormack. One of our four world record holders. Doesn't get into Canberra to run with us as often as she would like. Could excel at marathons and the like next year.
Christine Gates: no one remembers who this is. Ditto for Jill Head, Jodie Sims, Kirsten Livermore, and Yili Zhu. and many others who joined us only briefly this year.
Christopher Lang: I am not sure if he is a 100m runner or a marathon runner, runs faster in training than in races.
Colin Farlow: having a training break, will come back happier, healthier, and fitter in a season or two when he decides to. A great talent.
David Baussmann: known to prefer squash to running. Someone, please tell him running is easier.
Ewen Thompson: his many fans believe his goals are serious. He will be telling them he is trying for the six foot track record/800m ACT record on the same weekend next year. They will believe him.
Gary Bowen: Coming into form, and only needs to discover the meaning of “an easy day” to be flogging the rest of us, now that he is wearing spikes and learning to run on his toes.
Geoff Barker: very good mountain runner who comes down to earth to train with us occasionally
Helen Larmour: coming right back to form, excels over long distances. One of our four world record holders.
Jodie Davis: "not competitive" "not a long distance runner" and not a slacker, seeing that she finishes every training session, and finishes strongly.
Joel Pearson: young, fit and happy (see "Yelena").
Kathy Sims: brilliant runner and brilliant under pressure. Holds ACT records and knows how to peak for the big occasion. Trains smartly, not flat out every time. Will improve again in the new year.
Katie Forestier: looking in top form and improving, will be “nipping at my Achilles heel*” before long in middle distance races. One of our four world record holders.
Kelley Flood: exceptional talent, could take any race by storm (get it? Flood-Storm?) but who we haven't seen at training for a while (see "Mick Horan"). I would love to see her run track. One of our four world record holders.
Ken White: training well and looks like he is coming back "on the boil" any day now.
Margaret McSpadden: consistent runner who gives Ruth a run for her money (see below)
Maria O’Reilly: seriously talented runner who has been seriously injured. Still running, and managing to inspire and motivate the rest of us, something she does so very well.
Mick Charlton: another consistent and regular runner who wouldn't surprise me if he won a handicap race in the new year.
Mick Horan: Potentially the fastest member of the training group who recently looks a bit tired for some reason (see "Kelley"). Will do well nationally next year after getting back into consistent racing.
Miranda Rawlinson: Biggest improver in the group this year, and self-confessed "sneaky" Wild Goose Chaser. Will keep improving with speed training.
Neil Boden: Consistent trainer. One day a week. Could improve a lot if he retired from work and took up running!
Rachelle Ellis-Brownlee: will learn to race hard one day, and knock 30 seconds off her 800m time and 60 seconds off her 1500m time. I predict she will be the biggest improver in 2009.
Rod Lynch: can run hard only about once a week but has enormous natural talent. We are all jealous. He hasn't hit top form for a while, but if he does, will be among the relay record breakers on the track.
Ruth Baussmann: consistent runner who gives Margaret a run for her money (see above)
Sonia Veldhoven: too fast for us, ran away to Melbourne before debuting on the track. We have missed a treat.
Thea Zimpel: still learning how to train, but by the time she qualifies to join the ACT Masters, will have done enough consistent training to excel in the W30s.
Tim Calver: known for his coffee and for running out of sight in training. Will do well on the road next year.
Tony Booth: excels on the track and set ACT records this year. Looking stronger and could do really well in 2009.
Yelena Pearson: one of the year's very big improvers in training and on the track, is young, fit and happy (see "Joel").

*this should fill the bill as yet another mixed metaphor.

Granddaughter Kayleigh on the monkey bars at Florey last week, showing how it is done.



  1. Ewen's form guide is spot on. He will do both next year. Happy New Year Geoff.

  2. Happy 2010, Speedygeoff. I hope it has even better memories for youat year's end than 2008.

    Ewen always does what he sets out to do!

  3. love the form guide! didn't run today but did heaps of mountain biking instead...BTW I now have a pair of racing flats for the second half of the track season!

  4. My goal was serious. I just wasn't good enough to achieve it. The 'jog' of 20 years ago is now spectacularly fast.