Sunday, 30 November 2008

I have ilk

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I and most of my ilk were at Innabaanya this morning to run in, watch, and in my case photograph, the final Masters Handicap races of 2008. Caroline Campbell was one of the star performers with a win in the long course handicap event.

Three of my ilk at O'Connor Ridge.
Roger, Gary and Katie

Roger is wearing his "helping new starters" bright cap. Middle of the picture is Gary who today was awarded a "middle of the field" trophy for the short course series. Katie seen monkeying around has won the short course series outright with another very fine performance today.

Several of my friends are holidaying in New Zealand - Ruth and David, Garry Maher, Joel and Yelena, amongst others. So here’s an appropriate story.
An Australian ventriloquist visiting New Zealand walks into a small town and sees a local sitting on his porch patting his dog. He figures he'll have a little fun.
Ventriloquist: Hey, good looking dog, mate. Mind if I speak to him?
New Zealander: The dog doesn't talk, you stupid Aussie.
Ventriloquist: Hey dog, how's it going old mate?
Dog: Doin' alright.
The New Zealander is shocked!
Ventriloquist: Is this Kiwi your owner? (Pointing at the New Zealander?
Dog: Yep.
Ventriloquist: How does he treat you?
Dog: Real good. He walks me twice a day, feeds me great food, and takes me to the lake once a week to play.
The New Zealander can't believe his ears!
Ventriloquist: Mind if I talk to your horse?
New Zealander: Horse doesn't talk either.
Ventriloquist: Hey horse, how's it going?
Horse: No worries.
The New Zealander's mouth is agape.
Ventriloquist: Is this your owner? (Pointing at the New Zealander?)
Horse: Yep.
Ventriloquist: How's he treat you?
Horse: Pretty good, thanks for asking. He rides me regularly, brushes me down often, and keeps me in the barn to protect me from the elements.
The New Zealander is TOTALLY amazed!
Ventriloquist: Mind if I talk to your sheep?
New Zealander: The sheep's a liar.

I hope you are all my ilk.

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  1. Moral of the story is "don't let ventriloquists talk to your ilk".

    I'm going for the "middle to back of the field" award next year!