Sunday, 12 October 2008

I'll Be Back

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, October 12, 2008 with 3 comments
I'll Be Back for training tomorrow, Monday. At Parliament House at 5:30pm as usual. And for those who can arrive earlier and would like a long warrm-up, I will continue running 7.5k at 4:30pm, same venue.

I will keep posting with Beatles titles, "I'll Be Back" is still one of them! Would you believe there are still roughly 155 titles I haven't used, and that does not include all the solo work of John Lennon, Paul McCartney/Wings, and George Harrison, which is substantial. So until I tire of this, it will keep on going. Persistence is my middle name. I will be doing it until the fat lady freezes over.

At Uni I did mathematics & philosophy. and ran. and watched footy. That’s all. So this is a favourite video clip.

Yesterday I picked up my chest numbers for the AACT 08-09 season, so that I can officially compete for North Canberra this summer. I officially registered only once before in the last twenty years or so but didn't end up competing that year. The plan is to tag along at the back of the last division of the 800m and 1500m on Saturday afternoons and beyond. I watched Saturday's 800m and was delighted to see that the last division was also the first division: boys ran one race, girls the other. At least now I know what I am in for, and at least in the 800 I won't be lapped!

It would be nice to recruit some friends who could come along and join me at the back of the middle distance fields on Saturdays. Takers? There is no pressure out there like there was twenty years ago when only fast runners competed; everyone is slow these days.

Splish Splash

Five of our grandchildren enjoying the waves at Scarborough, Brisbane last week.


  1. I'm trying to play "spot the non-Falconer". Is Jackson in the centre?

  2. Yes indeedy!

    From left to right:
    Alex Falconer
    Jarod Falconer
    Jackson Moore
    Olivia Falconer
    Kayleigh Falconer.

    Behind the camera

    Behind me:
    Jenny Moore
    Nathan Moore
    Lisa Moore
    Tyler Moore
    Charlie Moore
    Wes Falconer
    Loani Falconer

    Not in the same state:
    The Halls

    I will be posting more photos soon.

  3. Archimedes is a gun!

    I'll be tagging along behind you in the 8s and 15s.