Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Good Morning Good Morning

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It all depends on how you define winning I suppose.

Words are the strangest things.... I like playing with words and phrases where slight ambiguity can be found. I don't know why; and it must annoy or confuse the occasional reader.

Or perhaps what I think is subtle is not subtle at all. I don't know!

On firmer ground, as a diversion try playing with triple letter words.... there's:
"weeest" [superlative of wee],
"Wiiitis" [a term for shoulder pain caused by excessive playing of the Nintendo video game Wii],
"Hostessship" is found in Shakespeare, Act 4, Scene 4, "Winter's Tale", and you could also have Goddessship, Postmistressship, Headmistressship, Governessship etc. in the same vein.
How about the quadruple letter word "Brrrr"?
All these words are found in dictionaries, somewhere!
If you are into such things, the reference is http://jeff560.tripod.com/words7.html

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  1. What about Uncropped's favourite triple letter words: Wooo Hooo!

    Speaking of Strewth, how did the Duathlon go?!!