Thursday, 24 July 2008

She's a Woman

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Hair raising! From August Vetrunner.

"We would like to know your views"
The latest Vetrunner is out. In it I say "In May 2008, at its Annual General Meeting, the ACT Veterans Athletic Club (ACTVAC) decided to adopt "ACT Masters Athletics" as its brand name. At that meeting, the Member Services Sub-Committee (MSSC) was asked to collect information on the impact and effect of the use of “ACT Masters Athletics”.

To add any comments you have about the use of "Masters" rather than "Veterans", go to The more comments from as many people as possible, the better. Even if you are not a member, your comments are welcome!

Ocean of Reality

Reality will hit me on Saturday. I have now put my entry in for the Bush Capital 25k. And there's only ... whatever it says at the top of this page ... to go.

The start list for each Bush Capital event is here.

The weather is holding, here are the Canberra forecasts
Wednesday Fine, mostly sunny. Min -3 Max 12
Thursday Fine, mostly sunny. Min -3 Max 12
Friday Fine, mostly sunny. Min -1 Max 12
Saturday Fine. Min -2 Max 12

Saturday's timetable is as follows
7.30am Early bird start for slow runners in 60km ultra and 42km marathon
8.30am Bush marathon; marathon relay; 60km ultra; 25km bush walk
9.00am 25km bush run
9.10am 16km bush run and 16km bush walk
12.00pm 5km run and walk
12.40pm Under 13 years 2km children’s run
1.00pm 10km run and walk

All is done that can be done and all is ready to go. Although some may not describe the course as a real mountain run, it is quite hilly, and it's my only "mountain run" of the year.

Sleepy Chicks

Click to view.

Training at Antill St Dickson is on tonight as usual, 5:30pm. And we have light!


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