Saturday, 19 July 2008

Long Long Long

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Today's video: “Cath…” by Death Cab for Cutie. The opening riff reminds me of the start of Creed’s “Stand Here With Me”. Be that as it may, this is a sensational song, and I think it’s Death Cab’s next single release here, from “Narrow Stairs”. It has some of their favourite themes, including the fragility of marriage and the meaning of commitment. And their usual humour, insight, and invention.

Today was Pennington/Longstaff day: I ran the 8km, and despite an even and relaxed start I ran out of steam in the fifth km. I was not suited by the course which was fairly rough and slippery in places. And 8k is far too long long long to try and run quick the whole way!

Coming up next week will be the Bush Capital runs (2k, 5k, 10k, 16k, 25k, 42k, or 60k as well as 42k relays, and bush walks). I am inclined to enter the 25k, and run it at a slow pace. Pre-entries close Wednesday, here, otherwise late fees apply.

"Who has entered so far": in the 10k, 23 runners; 16k, 101 runners including David & Ruth, Charmaine, and Cathy M; 25k, 47 runners including Emma, the Faulks family, Helen, and Cathy N; 42k 25 runners including Roger; and in the 60k another 25 runners. Here's the latest startlist.

Also on offer, Sunday of next weekend, are the ACTMA monthly handicap runs at Mt Taylor, and the High Noon Meet at the AIS track. The track component for High Noon July 27 is as follows:
12:00pm sprint hurdles
12:15pm 60m
12:30pm 100m
12:50pm 800m
1:05pm 200m
1:20pm 3000m (run & walk)

I have not finally decided which of all these I will commit to. But the 25k is looking good. I will consult my friends (well, a few of them), consult the weather forecasters, and see how I go Wednesday doing my 6k BBQ Stakes tempo run, before deciding!

Consulting: too true:


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