Tuesday, 3 June 2008

With a Little Help From My Friends

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, June 03, 2008 with 4 comments
Training at Parliament House on the still night of a cloudy sunless day was Alan, Amanda, Cathy, Christine, Emma, Ewen, Gary, Geoff B, me, Helen, Jill, Joel, Katie, Ken, Maria, Miranda, Rae, Ruth & Yelena. "After a couple of warm up loops the main session was 8 fast laps of the rectangular grassy bank in front of PH. We started at one corner of the rectangle and ran as fast as we could down the long edge, across the short edge, up the next long edge and across the short edge to the start, then a gentle jog to the next corner to start again on the whistle. Each time the whistle blew we started from a different corner. It was challenging but fun and certainly a good work-out." - words stolen from Strewth. Each interval may have been a little less than 400m; I didn't measure it. We took off every three minutes. A great time was had by all, and because it wasn't freezing cold despite winter having officially arrived, people stood around chatting for a long time afterwards!

After BBQ Stakes tomorrow I'm off to Adelaide for six days. Training Thursday will continue as usual at Dickson (unless this rain continues and floods happen) but for one Friday only I won't be at Stromlo, and next Monday is a holiday of some sort and there won't be official training at Parliament House, except I know of three or four people who plan to go anyway. The following Thursday (12 June) I will be back at Dickson for more interval work; Sunday 15 June is the next High Noon meet with a 3000m "race" programmed, hopefully without a hoard of walkers mixing it with the runners, then Monday 16th we start our hill sprints program at Parliament House, yay! Anyone running the Gold Coast marathon on 6 July is advised not to start the hill sprints until after the marathon, but there will be several of us meeting at 4:30pm for a longer warm-up run, and a few continuing on after 6:00pm to just run around while the rest of us do the hills. Don't you just love the session of 20 x 100m uphill, on 90 seconds? That's what we will be doing, with different hills to choose between from week to week, some easier, some less so.

The danger of close-up photography- I wouldn't click to enlarge this if I were you.


  1. Oh my god!~That photo really scared me..and it is ME!!at least I look bright and perky for 6.30am in the morning!!Lotsd of love and laughs..Charlie

  2. and now Ruth and Ewen and Ken are worried that I am going to put up some of their classic photos but don't worry, their's are much worse. So I won't. Unless the individuals in question become irksome one day.

  3. Of course I clicked to enlarge it -I am female after all! Just be careful what you post as I have a classic one of you up my sleeve for sweet revenge remember!! Fortunately I'm never irksome!!Tee hee. Have a great time in Adelaide speedyleader.

  4. Only the big version scared me. I tend to use small photos for ancient runners because the wrinkles are less irksome.