Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Long Stretch

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Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk last Sunday

A View

......From Here.

BBQ Stakes times today. (6k: hilly)
Geoff Moore ~26:05
Ken White ~27:05
Katie Forestier ~27:05 course pb
Charlie McCormack ~27:25
Roger Pilkington ~ 29:00

I was pleased with my run today - it was an even tempo run at "talking pace", not too strenuous - preceded by an hour of stretching and an 8k warm-up run.

Next week is the monthly "reverse run", my favourite. I will be in Adelaide for six days between now and then. Not doing much running. But doing more partying, I expect. So I should be very fresh and ready for a sub 26 tempo run by Wednesday.


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