Sunday, 13 April 2008

lightning, thunder, rain, then sun, then hail, flood

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, April 13, 2008 with 5 comments
...but not much wind. That's the story of today's marathon. For me, pain level 10 struck at 22k and didn't depart. Still, I like pain.

Speedymoi ran sub 3:20. Target achieved. Splits 94, 104.
Griffin became a Griffin, and paid for it with bleeding nipples (shock horror). Target achieved.
Charlie received hugs before and after, and virtual hugs during. Target achieved. (She also managed a ten minute pb).
CJ finished strong just slower than her pb.
Caroline ran the 50k and experienced the full force of the hail storm.
Roger ran steadily to 34k and struggled a bit to 42.195k.
Aki ran. And finished. Her first marathon.
And... wait for it ... Richard broke 3 hours.

Many geese and other cool friends lined the course, cheering and honking. Many thanks, the support was necessary and hugely appreciated.

Am I still a Kenyan to you, Katy?

We all "pushed hard" in the last 2k.


  1. Thanks for the speedy update Geoff. I was hanging to get some news on Canberra. Congratulations on your race too, you must be pretty pleased with that effort. looking forward to a more detailed report. Again, well done.

  2. You're just waiting to pinch mine!! Fantastic result speedygeoff - you looked awesome out there - woooooooo hooooooo!!

  3. not only are you still kenyan to us, you're a kenyopian greyhound iditarod blend!

    i have never seen anyone go from point a to point b-z so fast. you run fast when you race and when you support. i'm not totally convinced you're cloned.

  4. Cheering in all 4 seasons was a labour of love.