Sunday, 13 April 2008


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I am typing this at 10:30pm Saturday night in case I don't get back after Sunday's marathon to complete a post! I have decided to get up at 4am and have a light breakfast, then take my time getting to the marathon which starts at 7am. In fact, I will set ths post to release at 7am just as the marathon is due to start!

Watched the marathon eve 10k; Rachelle, Bronwyn, Ruth, Margaret and Mick C all had good runs. It was warm, windy, dust blowing around AND big rain drops for about a minute, but none that would have registered on any scale. Rain is still forecast for tomorrow but it is just as likely to have already blown past; and the wind has now died right away and it may well stay calm.

We'll see.

Bronwyn before the 10k


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