Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Catch-up day

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Weston Creek Half Marathon
All times and places have now been amended. And there is a complete list of results here.
90. David Webster M55 1:39:06 4:41/k
93. Michelle Wells W35 1:39:15 4:42
103. Mick Horan M45 1:41:58 4:50
109. Charlie McCormack W40 1:42:43 4:52
110. Geoff Moore M55 1:42:43 4:52
114. Annette Sugden W45 1:43:41 4:54
121. Jeni Greenland W30 1:44:43 4:57
153. Thea Zimpel 1:53:38 5:23
154. Rae Palmer W60 1:53:50 5:23
174. Caroline Campbell W65 1:57:25 5:34
201. Peter Hogan M60 2:02:32 5:48

That's an excellent W65 time for Caroline: sub 2 hours. And a very good come-back run by Rae.

Relay Teams
The relay names don’t always tell the story, but my educated guess is
1. RUN FAT-BOY RUN FFM 1:35:24 4:31 is Amanda, Katie & Ken. Ken would make a good “fat-boy”, but needs the shorts to go with the name. 4:31 per km – I must run with them next time!

3. SPEEDY GOSLINGS FF 1:43:59 4:55 would have to be Jeni & Rachelle. Jeni continued on to finish the whole run only 44 seconds behind Rachelle. The first time the results were released this team was given fourth in a slower time; this has since been fixed!! So they are now officially the winning "FF" team.

8. STREWTH AND TWINKLE FF 1:53:33 5:23 must be Ruth & David. “FF”? I thought our training group was hiding a number of secrets; David's secret is out!

Six Foot Write-up
Ewen tells the story at http://gsxsuzuki.blogspot.com/

Another historical photo - July 1971

1. At training yesterday were Alan, Bronwyn, two Davids, speedymoi, Neil, Rachelle & Ruth. We did short sprints on a warm evening.

2. Happy Birthday to Adam who joined the M35s yesterday.

3. also to Christopher & Gary, who have birthdays this week.


  1. Golly gosh I TOLD them Dave was a male too - he'll have to wax those hairy legs now!! Gorgeous photo of you & Jenny - neither of you has changed - couldn't miss who you are - just a few hairstyle changes!

  2. I was going to say Jenny hasn't changed a bit, but Strewth beat me to it.

    Strewth told me David mistakenly wore one of her crop tops. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

    I want to see Emma's write-up. She possessed the best stiff-legged walk on Sunday morning. 2008/09 is the year of "real running"! :)

  3. your time has been fixed now...

  4. Thanks allrounder. In fact the whole list has been revised; our places are different and so are most of our times. They look right!