Tuesday, 29 January 2008


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My favourite cow picture; my favourite Larson cartoon.

We seem to be suffering from gross-time-itis this week.

From the ACT Athletics website:
Mixed 800m Run Veteran (gross times, starts not given)
1, Jeni Greenland, Actvac, 3:26.49. 2, Katie Forestier, Actvac, 3:28.34
Men's 800m results not there at all.

From the ACTVAC handicap results
Rae started off group 24, not group 1, so her time wasn’t 49.12 as I published, but probably 31.07 (I will correct it)

And the ACTCCC jogalong results are still on the database as I reproduced a few days ago. No net times are yet available (but they will be, sometime).

Today is the 5k Summer Series race at Stromlo. Even if 34 degrees as promised, the heat will not deter me from blitzing my two goals, which are
1. Run faster than Ewen did last time
2. Finish further ahead of Ewen than he flogged me by last time.
Ewen, not being a wimp, will of course take up the challenge.


  1. The Cross Country Club Database is in transition from last year to this year.

    Much is going on in the background.

  2. Sorry, I'm taking on board your excellent 'mile per day' recovery advice... So I'm not racing 'seriously' 3 times in one week.