Friday, 25 January 2008

Feeling Free

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, January 25, 2008 with 3 comments
Highlights of Thursday night track
On a cooler night, Kevin still holds the M55 800m record despite yet another very close attempt by John Lamb to break it, and as has happened before, John missed out by only a few tenths.

Bronwyn ran 3:01 in the 800m, a pb by a couple of seconds.

I ran a steady 13874m for the Hour run: I only ran the Hour because I hadn't run earlier in the day and I needed a longer run. I had no intention of running fast but my pace picked up throughout and I felt great at the end. This is nothing like I have experienced in years!

On the way to running barefoot I am wearing Frees.
These are the 7.0s I bought on Wednesday, with the idea of breaking them in for important road races this year, including the marathon.

These are the 5.0s I am wearing on the grass for my kilometre intervals, and on the track for my Vets races including the Hour run last night.

The 5.0s are so comfortable, and will remain my track racers, but on the grass the plan is to move on to barefoot running sometime soon. The 7.0s look and feel a bit more like "normal" shoes, I hope they are OK!


  1. Great to hear you're coming good!

  2. 1) do they really feel like your barefooted?
    2) do they make you feel knocked up and in the kitchen?
    3) i heard that one danger to running barefooted on grass were wee worms, which burrowed. true? not on this continent? myth busted?
    4) will you take the time to get pedicures as there's no point in doing all this if you're going to have scuzzy feet. you have she-geese with delicate dispositions.

  3. On this continent, in this city, on this grass, the duck poo kills all known worms.

    I caught sight of a delicate lady once but I think I was mistaken.