Thursday, 10 January 2008


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“If I had to pick one factor that separates good competitive runners from everyone else, it would be consistency in training." Hence my attempt to plan each week and be accountable to the plan (see Mondays!). In the old days I used to write my weekly plan on a sheet of paper and tape it to the lounge room wall, ticking off each session as I completed it. Nowadays I use a whiteboard in my study, though it becomes tempting to use an eraser to change what's on the whiteboard. Then the focus was purely on conditioning; now there is a focus on form, but conditioning is no less important. Then my paper diary was the permanent record, now all gets on public display in this blog (and is easier to locate years later!). Thinks - I could create some pre-dated posts (they wouldn't get displayed on the front page here) with archival training information taken from the old diaries.... to make sure the records are not lost.

My diaries start in 1962 (from the day in mid-March when I took up running)... Yes, why not? I should post more old photos too. If nothing else, they are good for a laugh. I could do that once my obsession with palindromes and animated gif files is past.

Lad, a smile. Mel, I'm sad. Al, ...

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  1. It was 'only' 30C at 8.30pm :)

    Some pre-dated diary entries would be interesting. It'd be some project to get every year since '62 though!

    Congrats Amanda, Aki, Allrounder, and all the other geese who raced last night. Flashduck did well with pen and paper in lieu of laptop.