Saturday, 24 November 2007

Come From Behind Win!

Posted by speedygeoff on Saturday, November 24, 2007 with 2 comments
Helen surprised herself and a lot of young defense girls by winning the Bonshaw cup!

She was in fifth place for the first 2km, then second for another 2km, finally doing the 6.4km in 27.01.

So Helen's name goes on the trophy along with some very outstanding names from previous years.

And of course Helen won the Vets trophy too.

Helen at Brindabella 2007

Making a Splash
My swimming is resuming in earnest. After a five year break from swimming - and I never swum at all until I was over 40 years old - I have resumed weekly swimming sessions at the AIS, and plan to take it very easy initially and build up with an aim of achieving a six minute 400m when I turn 60. Or close to it. (As a swimmer I am a very good runner). So yesterday I did 10 x 100 on 3 minutes i.e. had very long rests between each effort; I really just need to work into it gradually. I will be doing interval swim training of various kinds and I will note here what I do.

The other new thing I have started doing is easy gym work; I have NO strength and NO flexibility! So the softly softly approach is again the go. My arms were sore from weights on Wednesday. I sure am unfit! The Charnwood gym/centre I am attending is most impressive: aimed at older people, I find I am just as useless at the stretches and lifts as the more sedentary oldies there. What impresses me most is the personal attention and catering for each individual determined by where they are at. And the latest information on exercising and strengthening is well researched and implemented.

Running Barefoot on the Grass
I ran at Stromlo this morning; John and Diana joined me, they were so inpressed (and IMpressed as well) they ran barefoot on the grass. I will later. I was so impressed I will start Saturday morning training there. Join me 9am Saturdays starting 8 December. Bring hat, drinks, insect repellent. I will work out a balance between Saturday and Monday training, depending on who comes Saturdays. We could do sprints: each 100m is marked; or we could do medium or long intervals; or we could disappear on long hilly runs up the mountain bike circuit!

Making your Mark
I vote for more games; online games are getting better and better. For example, I just loved

See How They Run
For tonight, see; see how they fall. Will there be another come-from-behind win? I have the beer and peanuts at the ready.


  1. I'm also inpressed by Helen's win. Kelley said she was racing too - how did she go?

  2. she dint say. she must of been inpeded by the hills.