Sunday, 16 September 2007


Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, September 16, 2007 with 2 comments
Preliminary report on the CTFR: Speedy chicks, geese and birds of all feathers did very well. I tried to run at 42 min pace and achieved it, only grinding to a crawl at 9k, and saw many other speedy geese on the way. I even saw Richard early on, who muttered "hamstring" before disappearing over the horizon. Running around 42 mins were Ken, Emma, myself, and Katie; around 43 mins Sonia, Maria, Helen and Gary. I didn't see Gary as he started at the back of the field giving the leaders about four minutes. Sounds like fun; if the results (with the new timing chips) fall into place, it's tempting to do the same next year.

Massive improvers were Emma, Sonia and Katie. Rachelle ran her first ever 10k and did very well too. All geese will get their names and official times recorded here once the results come out. Photos too. And I might list some "friends of the geese" as well. But I won't list a certain scantily clad gentleman who I passed at the 4k drink station..

Bonus Video: How LOTR should have ended:


  1. You mean you followed Borat for 4km! How awful for you.

    It was a great day! Geese are goof.

  2. You ran well too Ewen, you must be pleased with 45 ish.

    The Borat was horrible. Thoroughly disgusting and embarrassing. I was behind him, but didn't see him until 3.5k or so. Many cries of shock and disbelief from the people around me as we caught up. Good thing he was dropping back through the field: if he had been passing people they would not have had any incentive to maintain pace. I hope someone fines him or something.