Friday, 27 July 2007

Secret #2. Lydiard style training

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Q. Why did the chicken cross the Moebius Strip?
A. To get to the umm

Alright, secret #2 is no secret. Everywhere in the world runners are following Lydiard style programs, and programs devised by people who have been strongly influenced by New Zealander Arthur Lydiard. That includes me.

Thursday training report.
We had the last of our 2k time trials last night, run as a "guess-your-time" handicap. We ran in lane four, just over 4 1/2 laps. Given that the other trials were in lane one, it would have been difficult to guess your time accurately. Nevertheless, Colin guessed and judged it to the second.

2k time trial results 2007

Next training phase: Speed-Endurance
Lydiard style speed-endurance track sessions combined with longer running is the menu for the next phase of our training.

In this phase, runners should see if they can schedule two days of interval training, two days of long running, one moderate distance easy day, one day of leg speed practice (3 steps per second!) with drills and/or gym work as suits you, and one day of a race or time trial or tempo run, say around 3k to 8k.

I will be conducting a variety of interval training sessions on Mondays and Thursdays, the rest is largely up to you.

Canberra Times Fun Run
The entry forms are out: let's make up some SpeedyGeese teams again as we did last year.

Long, long, ago these were the three leaders in the Canberra Times Fun Run at the one mile mark:

Michael Thomson has gone on to be the very hardworking Athletics President; Dave McInnes went on to be the very hard working Instant Color Press manager, and I went on to become a mean blogger

And Happy Birthday to my daughter Loani, 35 today.


  1. Dave is looking relaxed - did he win? You are looking a bit strained Spodiechoff, but sometimes you look like that when running 17:44 for 3k. Thomo is looking OK - he's usually good for 3k. All shirts nicely tucked in ;)

  2. My unreliable memory says - I made the mistake of leading early at a very fast pace, Michael followed me closely. Dave came through just before the photo was taken. Final placings were something like: Dave first; Michael 13th, me 14th.

  3. Speedy Goose27 July, 2007

    Well Mr Mean Blogger - Why are you wearing your work sox? Plenty of head tilt and shoulder sway - AND you started too fast - Excellent, there is hope for me yet :o)

    Happy Birthday Loani, I wish I was 35 again!!

  4. I was just reading about the Lydiard method today. It sounded do-able until he mentioned the number of kms required - I'd get tired driving that far.

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