Sunday, 3 June 2007

We better get going if we are going to stay ahead of the weather.

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, June 03, 2007 with 7 comments
Doomben 2007: After running the first three kms at 4:20s and feeling awful, I jogged the next two at 5s wondering if I should pull out. Then I saw the 1:40 balloons catching up and decided I would at least try to stay ahead of them for as long as I could. With a combination of painful shuffles and intermittent surges I held them off to the end. Final result, a terribly slow ~98:56. Part of the motivation to at least break 1:40 was that my very comfortable Canberra Marathon halfway split this year was 1:40:00.

So that is that. Before I race again, I must repair my left leg! Or trade it in for a new one.


  1. Hmmm, I have a good left one and a dodgey right one. Maybe we could enter a three legged race :-)

    It was great to catch up this morn and a real privelege to give you a punch in the belly. Now make sure you pass it on to Ewen, its bad luck not to.

    And thanks for giving me somebody to follow, though in the last couple of kms I was having trouble keeping you in my sights.

  2. Tesso, we won't pass on to Ewen that you passed me in the first half of the race, will we? Still, I had better pass on the punch in the belly or he will be disappointed I am sure.

  3. I'd like to volunteer to punch Ewen in the belly for you Tesso :o) (would be my pleasure)and I will punch Speedy Geoff in the belly too ~ when I next see him ~ for not stretching and looking after his lame old leg!!!

    Or I could offer sympathy??? What do you think???

  4. Oh dear. "I don't mean to spoil your day, captain, but there's a fierce storm approaching" [The Wiggles]. A speedy goose punch could be fatal!!!!!

  5. I'd better do some extra core strength work if I'm going to get a punch in the belly.

    Sorry you had a bad race Geoff. At least you survived to beat the balloons and achieve a one-legged PB ;)

    Don't forget SURVIVOR tonight Speedy Goose!

  6. Silly Ewen, soft bellies handle punches better.

  7. Hey that time sounded damn good to me! A great one-legged run - well done - now stretch, rest and recover so you can face the Canberra winter!!