Sunday, 27 May 2007

While speedygeoff flies north...

Posted by Ewen on Sunday, May 27, 2007 with 4 comments
I get to play. No, I didn't get out to the Vets Handicap today. I went for an easy run through the bush close to home. I was so slow! I wonder if it was due to the extra effort I put in yesterday to beat Aki and KC, not to mention the sprint finish with Garry. Anyway, I went for a slow plod through the bush for 75 minutes, chatting to my kangaroo mates. I'll leave it to Geoff to update the Vets Results after he settles in north of the border. Geoff, don't forget to tell Tesso I still think Connie's a bitch.

Saturday cross country results - Carillon 6k (it was really longer than 6k - somewhere between 6.3 and 6.6k).
Female: 8. Thea Zimpel 30:16. Male: 31. Ewen Thompson 29:48, 35. Geoff Barker 31:13.

Run yourself ugly - A photo of one of the speedygeese racing a middle distance event at one of the very enjoyable combined Interclub/Vets meetings earlier in the year. Who is it? Hint... the ugly one is not #166.


  1. Ewen, if Speedygeoff uses that sort of language I will give him a second punch in the belly. I already plan to give him one to pass on to you.

  2. Tesso, I'm shocked that I used that sort of language. I'm sorry now.

    Geoff, at training tonight... 17. Joel and Yelena warmed up but then disappeared. Colin, Ken, Katie, Garry, Maria, Helen, Neil, Adam, Kathy, Alan, Mick, Geoff, Ruth, TJ, Ewen and Ruth's new Garmin all survived.

  3. The shadows are closer than the competitors.!!

    Is there a similar photo of the finish, where second placed shadow beats first placed shadow ??