Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Marathons are not what they used to be.

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Canberra - see http://www.canberramarathon.com.au/images/cm2007marathon.html

speedygeese in the Canberra marathon
79 Richard Faulks M ACT 47 3:03:31
189 Geoff Moore M ACT 58 3:21:24
217 Emma Adams F ACT 38 3:26:17
244 Cathy Newman F ACT 46 3:27:59
303 Maria O'Reilly F ACT 52 3:34:04
349 Roger Pilkington M ACT 48 3:39:01
406 Gary Bowen M ACT 50 3:43:59
429 Charlie McCormack F NSW 42 3:46:51
636 Ruth Baussmann F ACT 56 4:07:10
940 finishers

I cannot believe my recovery, usually by the second day I am struggling to jog 5k. Last night I ran a comfortable 9k and this morning an easy 16k. Excellent.

Katy the Greaty - the most excitement seen in the parliamentary triangle since Dame Nellie Melba sang God Save the King at the opening of the Houses of Parliament.
So who was the amazing one-woman-band performer down by the lake?
Well, here is her husband's post about the event - http://oscar065.blogspot.com/2007/04/lady-by-lake.html
- and here is hers - http://ihatetoast.typepad.com/katythegreaty/2007/04/the_tocks_rock.html.

Both posts have pictures, Katy's even has a movie that Ewen took.

50k ultra
41 Roger Pilkington M ACT 48 4:25:52
95 finishers

Rotterdam: Heat halts Rotterdam marathon
The Rotterdam marathon was abandoned on Sunday afternoon after at least 26 runners were taken to hospital because of the heat, news agency ANP said. The official race had ended earlier in the day. Fourteen people were actually admitted to hospital, two with heart complaints, ANP said. Marathon director Mario Kadiks said the measure was 'purely preventative'. Observers had noticed people getting into difficulty because of the heat and it was decided on the advice of medical experts to cancel the race at 14.30pm, Kadiks said. Criticism by some runners that there was not enough water was nonsense, Kadiks said. He said in total, 200,000 beakers of water and 200,000 wet sponges were handed out - the equivalent of 15 glasses per runner.
The official race was won by Kenya's Joshua Chelanga in a time of two hours, eight minutes and 21 seconds.

Boston: Don Smith 3:22.3 - see http://tuggrunner.blogspot.com/

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  1. Well done Geoff.

    Looks like you wore the relatively new shoes.

  2. Well spotted Friar, I did wear new-ish shoes, I will try and remember to tell the story tomorrow....
    And new socks and new singlet. It's a pity the rest of me is old-ish