Friday, 16 March 2007

The track season is drawing to a close

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, March 16, 2007 with 2 comments
Saturday 17th training group runs at Aranda
Saturday 17th training group parties on
Sunday 18th training group jogs to recover from hangovers etc
Monday 19th training group still meets at Parliament House, usual time, despite it being a public holiday in Canberra
Thursday 22nd training group runs the last 3000m, the Pennington 1500m, a 400m, and/or the last spiral.
Sunday 25th training group (in large numbers) belt around Kowen Forest searching for gold.
Thursday 29th training group members win all sorts of prizes at the presentations. Or if not, it was still a great season.

It is the time of year when we look forward to some longer races in cooler weather. Only a couple of track Thursdays to go. Some will be heading off to Hobart at Easter to run in the Nationals: those people will be thinking about track for a while longer. The rest of us have almost transitioned our thinking to winter and the cross country and road races on offer this year.

Colin is preparing for the Nationals and, in between being Meet Director, ran in a 4 x 800m relay which broke the Australian record by a considerable margin.

Colin would like to thank Katie for organising the relays while he ran in them. Katie followed that up with a new pb in the 3000m, around 11:50, another well paced race. (I have to say that, because Katie has been brilliant this season at learning how to pace herself for pbs.)

Amanda had baby sitting duties and is no doubt champing at the bit to get back on the track.

Ken also ran in a record breaking relay team, and followed that up with a season's best 3000m.

Our Nationals reps are all in top form.

Moore Series
With one race to go in the Moore series, Paul Considine will win the men's section, and Kathy Sims the women's, provided she runs the last event. If not, Margaret will win the women's, provided she runs the last event.

Daniels Series
With one race to go in the Daniels Series, in the women's Jill Brown and Sharon Gibbins are neck and neck, but Jill has the "low points" advantage. It works out that Sharon would have to finish 0.45 seconds, or better, ahead of Jill in next week's 100m to take first place. If my maths is right.

In the men's, Jack Thackray has the box seat, but Michael Roche or Kevin de Smet could win if either runs an outstanding time and if Jack doesn't run.

Our engraver has already asked me whose names will go on the trophies. Sorry, I am not psychic. (Psychotic, perhaps).

Cross Country Club races
This Saturday will be our last run at Aranda (until later in the year), given that the Cross Country Club have races at Black Mountain the following Saturday...

Vets Handicap.
... and the Vets handicap is on the Sunday. I am tipping Gary 'birthday' Bowen to celebrate his first run in the Frylink as an M50, to be the handicap winner, and in the longer race I am tipping a tussle between Charmaine, Ruth and Maria. Providing they do not get lost; Kowen Forest is a long way from here...

Dickson Training
Starts in April, from Thursday 5th. It's a very busy month, training will be low key for a few weeks. Which might suit those who are recovering from the track.

Details of those relay records, and ALL the geese involved, will appear here when the dust settles.


  1. Track season is almost over. Woohoo! I might get to run with you lot again soon!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence speedygeoff; however, I shall be at Malua Bay with my overseas visitors and family.

    I shall have to wait until April to run my first handicap as a M50.

    Cheers and enjoy the race !