Thursday, 15 March 2007

golden grandson

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, March 15, 2007 with 3 comments
The 4 x 800m relay tonight has been swapped to 7:30pm.

My considered opinion is ; people who raced the half marathon shouldn't race again or do serious speed work for at least two weeks. Possibly three weeks! Even if they feel OK, they will surely pay for it. I have mentioned this before - when I penned the list of "Running Principles".

Here are the results of Tuesday's Summer Series race, Stage 88 5k
17. Thea Zimpel 22:23
46. Carolyne Kramar W40 27:54
54. Pam Faulks W45 31:11
66 finishers

34. Richard Faulks M45 19:24
39. Mick Horan M45 19:40
51. David Webster M55 20:52
56. Bob Harlow M55 21:15
69. Mick Saunders M55 22:46
78. Neil Boden M55 23:59
83. Mick Charlton M55 25:04
97 finishers

speedy grandson Jarod entered the maximum of 6 events at the LILAC (Lake Illawarra Little Athletics Club) championships, and blitzed them:
U/6 Boys 50m run
1 Jarod Falconer 9.9

U/6 Boys 70m run
1 Jarod Falconer 14.0

U/6 Boys 100m run
1 Jarod Falconer 21.0

U/6 Boys 200m run
1 Jarod Falconer 41.9

U/6 Boys Discus
1 Jarod Falconer 9.74

U/6 Boys Pack Start (300m)
1 Jarod Falconer 1-07.2


  1. Gosh, now you tell me. and like that too! Thanks for the late warning. :(
    Does it count if you ran it like a long run instead of a race?

  2. "Does it count if you ran it like a long run instead of a race?" - of course it does! There is a huge difference between a flat out race at full pace, and a comfortable long run. Only you know where you lie along that spectrum. I am being :dramatic: though to get the point across, I would sooner people erred on the side of caution, as well.
    Maybe Richard's very good time (for example) was still within a comfortable range so he can carry on training and racing as before without easing back much. Will be interesting to ask him in a couple of weeks time with the benefit of hindsight!
    Aki, depending on what limits you may or may not have pushed in the half, you may well be OK.

  3. Speedy grandson is a rising star!