Sunday, 25 February 2007

The night was sultry

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, February 25, 2007 with 2 comments
Newspaper heading of the day: "Snow Storms May Be Precursor of Winter"

ACTA 1500m from Saturday
Aki 6:00.12
Colin 4:34.69

fly goose fly

Handicap today at Curtin
In the 3k I ran about 11:28, Ken something similar, Gary not much slower, Katie under 12 minutes as well. We all four blitzed "that M55" we were targeting, well done!

In the 6.3k, Maria and Helen had strong runs, others did too, results will appear here soon. Charmaine was awarded her 50 run t-shirt, and a nice new look it is too with slightly new colours. I received my 150 run t-shirt.

It was unusual to get cooler weather, I ran 6k this afternoon to top up the week's distance. Someone said, "winter is early". Huh! Sultry, for winter!

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  1. Throw momma from the train??

  2. Owen! Is that you?

    Writers block. I am sure to suffer from it one, err, day.