Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Kids Marathon

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A great concept, children can participate in the Canberra marathon by totalling 40km in the months before the marathon, then completing the last 2.195km on marathon day!

From the website:
The 2007 Canberra Kids Marathon is on SUNDAY 15 April at 8.00am, at the Telopea Park School. Kids begin their final 2.195km from the Marathon Start/Finish line.

The Canberra Kids Marathon has a unique format that allows kids kindergarten through high school to run a kilometre at a time. The Canberra Marathon feels strongly that exercise should be a healthy part of every child's life, however we also think it should be fun!

Every child leaves the event feeling like a winner and sporting a gold medal. We do not award prizes to the fastest children overall nor is the event timed, but rather reward and acknowledge each and every child that comes out and participates.

The goal of the Kids Marathon is to give participants the opportunity to increase their level of physical activity while focusing on reaching a goal. We hope to motivate children and their families to commit to a healthy lifestyle and develop a daily fitness routine, which will ultimately give the child and their family the positive effects of better health and self confidence through achieving goals, not only in crossing the finish line but in life.

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