Friday, 12 January 2007

CJ is the new ACT track champion

Posted by speedygeoff on Friday, January 12, 2007 with 2 comments
At last night's ACT Athletics 10km track championships, CJ won the women's gold medal. A great reward for lots of distance training. That makes the very popular CJ - 36 subscribers in bloglines alone! This blog only has 3!! - the 2007 ACT 10k champion! And... bronze - Aki! And... fourth - Strewth!

That's three of the six speedygeese who blog. The other three were there to see it - I who only made 2k of the race, Ewen who made 5k, and Flashduck who watched.

It was hot, still well over thirty degrees after the 10k had finished. My excuse is hamstring, not heat. A slight strain, not too much damage, I hope. Ewen's excuse is he planned all along to run 5k and then stop. Which he did.

I should have photographic proof soon of CJ's accomplishment, and will post it here.

dumb headlines
I have been putting up dumb headlines from faraway & long ago and there are more to come. But the Canberra Times had the dumbest of headings today for one of its articles.
"20,000 extra troops will only increase casualties: experts"

edit: sweet sweat: places 4, 2, 1 and 3


  1. 'ACT 10,000m Champion' has a great ring to it! Keeping us in suspense until the last lap was a bit mean.

    Yes, I'd planned to stop at 5k - not up to a 10k yet, and didn't want buggered calves from running too far in light shoes. Ran 23:09, but would have loved sub-23... next time!

    CJ ran 45:25.08! And that was running right in the outside of lane 1 - probably ran 10.2k!

  2. Cool photos! Love that one of CJ - queen of the hills! And star of the track!