Thursday, 14 December 2006

Australian record attempt

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"Don't underestimate the importance of easy days. Easy days help you beat fatigue, to keep fatigue from beating you." - Bob Glover

Another dinner photo.

speedy geese times for Tuesday's Parliamentary Relays:
9. Mick Horan M45 5:47
31. Richard Faulks M45 6:24
48. Geoff Moore M55 7:00
54. Maria O'Reilly W50 7:11
60. Ken Eynon M60 7:38 (corrected 15/12)
61. Mark Tucker M50 7:44
62. Carol Baird W55 7:45
64. Ewen Thompson M45 7:57
78. Ruth Baussmann W55 8:40
79. Margaret McSpadden W55 8:45
81. Roy Jones M60 8:50
85. Barbara Tucker W55 9:52
88. Graeme Small M65 10:12

How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb?

4. Rottweiler: Make me.


1. With much apprehension I join the team tonight who will try for a fast 4 x 1500m relay time, and hopefully a new Australian record. This is the M55 age group we are talking about here, you must understand. This would give me a lifetime total of three Australian records: there is in my possession a previous 4 x 1500m record certificate for a time which was subsequently broken; and more significantly, the 3000m M35 individual record, which still stands after 22 years.

2. My 1500m times in the last few years are “very average”; I could run anything from 5:20 thru 5:50 tonight. Or even slower. A 5:50 might not be good enough to get the team through, though.

3. All the same, the current Australian Record for M55 is held by the ACT, set in 2005, the team consisting of Garry Maher, Kevin Chamberlain, Trevor Cobbold and Geoff Sims. They ran 21:42. An average time of "only" 5:25 is all we need to break it.

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