Monday, 30 October 2006

Warning Sign

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quote of the week: " Every winner has scars." - Herbert Casson

My training progress
last week's target: 80k, actual 80k
this week’s target: 85k
weight: 62.5kg and falling

I will have scars this week! The skin is being treated, and also I have had some (unrelated) blood tests, let's hope everything is alright. I have also run on the track at interclub for the first time for 15 or 16 years; a rather humbling experience. The 3000m time (under 12 mins) was OK for me as a 58 year old but no other similar runners were there: who wants to join me next time?

song of the week: Evermore – Know It’s True, from "Dreams"

Moonlight shines down in rays
Fire I see in your gaze

And I know it’s true, believe it too, can feel it too
And it’s clear to me, no fantasy, reality

As a child I had a dream
I saw a bird with broken wings
I woke up

And I know it’s true, believe it too, can feel it too
And I know it’s near, I’ve felt it here, ‘cause it’s in the air

Tonight, to feel alive
We try again
Tonight, to be alive, to live inside
We die again
A sign, in your eyes
Oh, a fire will rise again

It’ll take you over, and it’ll burn away tonight…

You have been warned

last word
“He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don't let that fool you. He really is an idiot” – Groucho Marx

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  1. So that's why my shoelaces keep coming undone and nobody talks to me at parties!