Tuesday, 3 October 2006

not driving, resting

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Adelaide continues to be fine and sunny, it will be 26 degrees today which probably means 28 degrees here in Elizabeth. I managed another 14k or so yesterday and again today, and when I get back to my home PC, I will get into the mapping software and post a map of where I am running.

I think I will run the 3000m the first night of track, all being well. Get there about 4:50pm, do my normal long slow warm-up, then run the 7.5 laps at a steady pace.

After that I might even run the 1500m at 3000m pace. Just to see what it feels like.

I think a plan would be to run fairly slowly the first few track races in case of injury on that unforgiving surface, and builds up to “top speed” later in the season.

I am also looking forward to joining a few of my running friends at della Rocca after the first night of track.

My training progressweight unknown. distance last week - unknown but I will estimate it later. holiday – just fine.

By the way, petrol is as low as 1:09 per litre here in Elizabeth, or 1:05 with discount.


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