Wednesday, 13 September 2006


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running quote of the day: "When you win, say nothing. When you lose, say less." - Paul Brown

Yesterday when I read this post by Tuggeranong Don on "lady runners", I was prompted to dig out the words of one of my favourite songs to publish today. Soulframe are the artists; I have been listening to their two albums for many years now. The normal lyrics websites didn’t have soulframe listed so I went to the soulframe site.

Imagine my surprise to discover that my favourite Australian singer, Mutto (Guy Mutton), the lead singer of Soulframe, has been on Australian idol this time round. He has made the last eleven, stay tuned...

Now I don’t bother watching Idol but I wish somebody had told me, although how would they know? Anyway, here are the words to “beautiful”, off the album “escaping entropy”: I ended up copying the words from the cover notes. It is one of the best songs ever written, and sounds awesome too.

you feel like your hands are tied
with the binds of the marketing machine
you feel so immature and naïve every day
and everybody’s saying
it’s just the way things are done around here
and if you don’t like it you just have to change
but you feel like
you still need ‘time to play’
to forget the adult world where they won’t say
be yourself
be beautiful

I wanna go
with the soul
with the colour of innocence
just to be

you wanted to find your heart in this
to be yourself and express
to say what you want to say, and dress how you want to dress
but everybody’s saying that
you’ve got to show just a little more skin
if you wanna catch their eye and be feminine
but you feel like
you want room to breathe
to forget the exploitation where they can’t see
to be yourself
is beautiful

I wanna go
with the soul
with the colour of innocence
just to be

for the sake of being beautiful
not to sell or gain
not to manipulate
just to be

you wanted to show your heart in this
and it’s beautiful

Guy Mutton of Soulframe

I hope this exposure on Idol creates a new audience for soulframe. They are the best Aussie band around. And totally unknown except by a small group of fanatical followers. “Beautiful” got a huge amount of airplay around Australia, BUT on only a very small handful of radio stations; those few that picked it up, loved it.

Let’s keep living out what’s in our heart!

JOHN LENNON: Imagine all the chickens in the world crossing roads together - in peace


  1. I didn't know that about Mutto. I only started watching when they were down to the final 24 and so missed out on finding out people's backgrounds. Hopefully he'll go further in the comp than the pretty boys.

    At this stage my fave is Bobby (aka Side Show Bob).

  2. Beautiful Geoff.

    Just like Deena's cross country course. Why can't we have one like that?!

    I like the new colours - very cool.

  3. Go MUTTO!!

    Thats awesome stuff from that runner Deena Drossin.Very very committed.

  4. Has anyone told you your blog has turned an interesting aqua shade of blue?

    Now as an appreciator of music and a self confessed 'Mutto' fan you will have to watch the rest of Idol - 'Mutto' might just need your vote. I'm with Kyle - hate his hair and the writing on his hand.....but he can indeed belt out a good tune.

    There are some very talented performers left, I can't wait to see what they all sing next week.

    Bobby is a little strange, I haven't made up my mind up about him yet. I'm liking Lisa (although she won't win) and Dean (and he might).

  5. Just catching up on blogs, I should have read yours before I wrote my rant this morning, you entries are always very up beat, that is nice. Nice is good. That is a nice sounding song too. I will try to track it down.