Monday, 7 August 2006

Lights Will Guide You Home

Posted by speedygeoff on Monday, August 07, 2006 with 2 comments
My training progress

last week's target 100k, 3 gym. actual 101k, 3 gym (each 30mins stepper)
this week’s target 110k, 3 x 30min stepper
weight 63kg and falling
song of the week Fix You – Coldplay, from X&Y (this has been my favourite song for the last 12 months, and still is.)
quote of the week "A certain amount of opposition can be of great help - Kites rise against, not with the wind." - John Neal

I had a very good week with excellent runs on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and targets achieved despite having an unscheduled day off on Saturday.
This week I plan to have an easy run at "the pond" on Saturday if I can. But more importantly, two grandchildren from Brisbane will be visiting for a week, so I will play it by ear!

a movie I would like to see, #6. Kill Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (USA, 2002). Bill and Ted are having an excellent adventure through time, but someone wants to stop them...

Werner Heisenberg, Kurt Godel and Noam Chomsky walk into a bar.
Heisenberg looks around the bar and says, "Because there are three of us and because this is a bar, it must be a joke. But the question remains, is it funny or not?"
And Godel thinks for a moment and says, "Well, because we're inside the joke, we can't tell whether it's funny. We'd have to be outside looking at it."
And Chomsky looks at both of them and says, "Of course it's funny. You're just telling it wrong."

Just one more thing.
Sunday's Sri Chinmoy half marathon results for our training group
Richard 1:27.28
Pam 1:56.51
Flashduck dnf
Flashdrake 1:32.42
Gabe 1:53.28
Speedygeoff 1:39.16
Staminageoff 1:47.41 (first M60)

and finally.... the best performance of all...
Aki 1:38.02 outright first woman, huge pb.
The official results have the mile splits, which tell the story of the race.


  1. Geoff, Aki let her youthful exuberance get the better of her by not letting you catch up.

    I couldn't do the hills tonight because my achilles were hurting.

  2. Well done Aki, great run on Sunday, that must be a huge PB.

    I thought that you were sick and had doubts about running the Half, well just goes to show...

    Gary (GRIFFIN) Bowen