Thursday, 31 August 2006

fitter and therefore faster

Posted by speedygeoff on Thursday, August 31, 2006 with 2 comments
quote of the day: “running longer distances in training makes a 6k race seem quite easy.... At the start of today's race I thought, run faster, there is only 6k to go.” - Helen Larmour

On Wednesday Helen, in her 36th run in the BBQ Stakes, set yet another pb.

This was just three days after her great silver medal in the Vets half marathon! where she ran a 9 minute pb for the distance, breaking 98 minutes.

The moral of the story is: train for longer distances; and race shorter. Particularly if longer distances suit you!

I am so looking forward to see how our fittest and improvingest athletes go on the track this year.

One tends to improve in fitness more in winter, when distances increase, than in summer, when one tends to focus on trying to run faster.

Perhaps this is wrong; should we let summer distances drop away as much as we do?

For 800m runners one must reduce distance in summer; but for 3000m runners and up?

Specially considering that we are not highly tuned elite athletes by any means. We have yet untapped abilities that more distance running would reveal.

The Sphinx: You tell me.

Helen now fitter and faster and stronger.


  1. What a fantastic runner Helen is! Track time seems to be getting closer & I'm so looking forward to it!

  2. I tend to believe you re - run long distances to race shorter ones. I've never been a track runner or involved in club running. Just the other night I ran some track work with the Hobsons Bay Running Club. Did 2 x 2 km reps and felt ever so strong and fast (for me that is).