Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Notes from the Underground

Posted by speedygeoff on Tuesday, July 25, 2006 with 5 comments

"after all this time...."
No we didn't meet up with a Russian Existentialist during our training session last night, although come to think of it, we did find ourselves unable to achieve our primary goal of sprinting on dry grassy slopes, and instead found ourselves aimlessly running around and around a subterranean carpark.......

Sixteen was a good turn-out on a miserable wet day. (and we DO need the rain, everyone agrees.) Before when we trained in the underground carpark we did 400m loops surging on the uphill bit; this time we did just the surges jogging back down and repeating. Easier than on grass because ... Not as steep; better surface for fast running; and we could SEE! Also we enjoyed some starts tuition. (But how to educate runners to drive off at the start and NOT start their timers?)

=I was happy to complete 15k of running, all in the dry, out of the wind and rain=

"....I never thought we'd be here"
The August Vetrunner is now available for download. After originally missing the deadline, my "marathon" article appears there after all Unfortunately once again the heading has been destroyed with a typo. If I wanted typpos inn may heddings ai kould right migh oan.

Neil Boden and family will be away in China during August supporting Lauren who is competing in the World Junior Athletics Championships.

I will keep an eye on results during that time & let readers know how Lauren goes.

Neil is running particularly well at present; in fact he is the biggest improver in our training group this winter. Let's hope he can get some quality training in up there and return in good shape!

How fast are you going now?


  1. I actually love running in the rain. Hopefullly catch up with you this weekend, either Saturday or Sunday.

  2. Where was the typo in "If I wanted"?

    Hope the gym session went well Geoff.

  3. Yes I did an excellent gym session, but not before running the Ginninderra 7k handicap - in the rain. Then the weather cleared later in the day! I like to do these handicaps as training runs but today's was too fast early.

  4. bummer, dad.... well lets hope the editor fells like a bit of a drongo.

  5. Good sleuthing Mon! You didn't come down in the last shower then... which is something I already knew ...

    Oh I get it! Of course! You are thirty now! Of course you are reading Vetrunner!