Sunday, 23 July 2006

More Philosophical Jokes

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A man does a good deed and as a reward his guardian angel appears and offers him the answer to any question he wishes to ask. But she says to take his time and she will return in two days. Well the man immediately realized he could become very rich: Which stock will go up the most over the next five years? Which horse will win the Kentucky Derby? Who will win the next Superbowl? etc. But then he thought, why waste this chance of a lifetime on money? After all, money is only a means to happiness. With the right question he can determine the secret of happiness itself! But the more he thought about it, the more he worried about tricks the angel might play: for example, suppose he asked, "What will make me the happiest man in the universe?" And she answered, "Go live on planet Rigel III" - perhaps true, but perfectly useless.

So our careful questioner decided to take this problem to the nearest philosophy department for assistance. He put the problem to the chair. The chair loved the challenge and as it happens, they were having a departmental meeting that evening anyway, so he told the man to return the next day. When the man returned, the chair beamed and informed him that the department put its best minds together and came up with the best possible question to ask the angel - and naturally he told the man the question to ask.

The next day the angel appeared and asked, "Well, do you have a question for me?" "Yes," the man replied with a great deal of confidence in his voice. "What are the members of the following ordered pair: the first member of the pair is the best possible question I could ask you, and the second member of the pair is the answer to that question?" The angel smiled and said, "You know, you couldn't have asked me a better question. In fact the first member of the pair IS the question you just asked. But that means the second member is the answer I'm giving you now."

12k cross country result
44. Roger Pilkington 47 M45 50:51 4:14/km
47. Geoff Moore 58 M55 51:42 4:18/km
54. John Kennedy 56 M55 52:36 4:23/km
58. Alan Green 57 M55 53:09 4:26/km
71. Geoff Sims 57 M55 61:19 5:07/km

Note that the results published for the Vets in today's Canberra Times are not necessarily correct. The above are.

8k cross country result - tomorrow hopefully

Running this Saturday?
Late entries for the Bush Capital Bush marathon close on Wednesday. I still haven’t decided if I am going to run the 16k or the 25k, it depends on what others want to do…. I will probably jog the 16k with others, the late entry for that is $25 compared with $50 for the 25k…

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  1. Hey, where did you get that joke?

    Nice running by those fella's huh!! It really was a beautiful conditions yesterday - it's amazing how 14 degrees can feel so balmy :o)