Sunday, 18 June 2006

Terry Fox

Posted by speedygeoff on Sunday, June 18, 2006 with 6 comments
The bravest story in running is the story of Terry Fox.

Terry Fox was a young Canadian who, having lost a leg to cancer, began a run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. After running two thirds of the way (more than 5,000 km) he had to stop, stricken by lung cancer, and shortly thereafter died on 28th June, 1981. Terry captured the hearts of millions of people and through his "Marathon of Hope" raised more than $24 million for cancer research. Terry Fox Fun Runs are now held in 58 countries around the world. Please visit the Terry Fox Foundation's web site for further information:

The Fun Run
Today's Fun Run to raise money for cancer research was organised by the Canadian High Commission, Canberra, the Cancer Council ACT, the Australian-Canadian Association in Canberra, and the ACT Athletic Association and the ACT Cross Country Club.

I ran, and managed four minutes faster than my year's previous best official 10k, although I was only about half a minute faster than my Doomben half marathon 10k split would have been. Anyway, my time of 40:56 was good for me; I usually have trouble with the Terry Fox course (hills!) but today was better.

Sad Irony
One of the runners in the training group (who is known as "PRB" - "Perfect Running Buddy") told me at the Terry Fox run today, that he has just been diagnosed with cancer of the bladder. We wish Peter all the best as he starts urgent treatment asap.

Full Results?
There won't be full results of the Terry Fox 5k or 10k as only the top 25 men and 25 women have their times recorded. So I will be asking everyone who ran what their times were, and in due course publish a list. If you see this, please, please send me your time and any others you are sure of, to save me some time chasing you up! There are lots of excellent runs to report.

Huge Support
I was pleased to see large numbers of Team Moore members running today. Even though the Fun Run is not a "major event" on the calendar, and we don't train specifically for it, the run is seen as a significant one and heavily supported.


  1. OMG, poor PRB, do we know which hospital he's going to be at?

  2. I will let you know when there is more information. Meanwhile I am keeping in touch with Peter.

  3. speedygeoff...

    Very sad news that about 'PRB', please do keep us informed about his progress, thank you.

    I know you will have told him this; but can you please let him know that we are here for him if he needs us, anytime day or night.

    On a brighter note, well done to everyone that ran today, quite a few PB's I am sure.

    I wasn't running in the race; however, I 'was' running today, I did a 2h 15m long run, which was interspersed with some 'cheering on' of some very fine looking athletes.

    It was quite novel standing on the other side of the fence, so to speak, I tried to call out to everyone; however, if I missed anyone, it wasn't intentional.

    I am going to training at PH tomorrow, and will be anxious to catch up on all the 'washups' of the race from everyone !

    Yours in Running Writing

    Gary (GRIFFIN) Bowen

  4. I too was very saddened to hear about PRB. He is such a lovely man and I sincerely hope that the treatment is successful and not too unpleasant. He is very much in our thoughts.
    Well done on your great time today speedygeoff. Mine was a slow 55mins,Mr B's was 46:20, Marg McS was 54:49, kiwi Barb was just under 52, John S was just under 50, CJ was 45 and 16th woman to finish. Barb W did the 5km in just under 24mins. Haven't I done well!! And thank you to Griffin for your support. I saw and heard you cheering us on!

  5. I was very sad to hear of PRB's diagnosis, sending PRB all our love, best wishes and good luck for successful treatment.

    Great run Speedy Coach :o)

    Bad luck to the Socceroos :o(

    And thanks to the 'Griffin' for all his cheering and support yesterday.

  6. Please send PRB my best wishes - I saw him briefly yesterday at the Terry Fox fun run.